How to work from home in an exceptionally small living space: my first ever guest blog post

I have been away recently working on other projects, hence the blogging hiatus, but thank you to everyone who has read and commented in the meantime! I hope to share details of the other projects I’ve been working on soon… but, in the meantime, I’m pleased to announce that one of those projects is a guest post I’ve recently had published on Judy Heminsley’s popular blog, Work From Home Wisdom. Judy is a UK-based small business owner with decades of experience running her business from home, and she has been sharing advice and wisdom about home-working (and running workshops) since 2008.

IMG_1847 (Working from home, although not on my aforementioned guest blog post.)

Aimed at helping those of us who live in very small one-bedroom flats, studio flats, bedsits etc (especially in the inner cities where the amount of space for the population tends to be lower), my guest post – reproduced here – contained a few tips gleaned from my own personal experience of working from home in a small, city living space.  Continue reading