Quote of the day: ‘Be ruthless about protecting writing days’


J K Rowling, author of the phenomenally bestselling Harry Potter series, advises writers to ‘guard the time allotted to writing as a Hungarian Horntail guards its firstborn egg.’ (For those of you that have never read the Harry Potter series, the Hungarian Horntail is a particularly ferocious and bloodthirsty dragon.) Granted, this will be an unusually – and no doubt surprisingly – short post from me :-) but I thought I’d post this quote as this is something I could really do with remembering right now, what with the sheer amount of writing work I know I have to get done.

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New Year’s Eve post: Thought for 2014

From a commencement speech by author Neil Gaiman (photo courtesy of online language learning company Memrise.com, from the company’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/memrise), which I thought was worth sharing:

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year and an amazing 2014!


Thought for the day: Going after what you truly want is hard

Going after what you really, truly want – deep down in your heart of hearts want – is hard.

It is so much easier to go after something you don’t really want that much. That career that’s not your dream career but “hey, it pays the bills”. That small property in a not-ideal area that you tell yourself will do as a “starter home” or “just to get on the first rung of the housing ladder”. That business in an industry that isn’t quite what you’d want to work in, but “at least it’s safe”. That job you only take because your CV proves your experience for the role. That man or woman you’re not really that fussed about. If they do say yes, if they do agree to take you on, then hey, at least “they’ll do”.

(Spoof boy-band singing “Girl, You’ll Do” from Charlie Brooker’s BBC show, How TV Ruined Your Life. Do watch the clip – it’s HILARIOUS.)

Because – terror of terrors! – what if you tried to get into your dream job or career, and they said no???? What if you did try to save up for a better house, or move to a better area, and you couldn’t do it??? What if you tried to start that business in the industry you really wanted to work in, and you failed??? What if you asked out that man or woman you really like, and they laughed in your face???

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