Working from anywhere: is it always a good thing?

It has been a while since I last posted here; a lot has happened since then. I spent the months of March to May travelling the world: in March, to Doha, Qatar, to spend time with a good friend of mine who moved out there; in March and April, to China to visit family and tour the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong (including short day trips to the cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou); and in April and May, to Chicago in the USA on a work-related trip.

IMG_5321(Riding camels in the Arabian Desert, in Qatar. Hard to get used to.)

Travel is a huge passion of mine; although since we spent only a week back in the UK after each trip getting ready for the next one (while sleeping off jet-lag, securing the right visas, and dealing with the piles of travel laundry before packing for the next big trip), I question whether travelling as much as we did in that short a space of time is really wise: the jet-lag and the exhaustion are terrible! I think I’ve only just recovered enough to start posting to this blog again, and it’s June already!

I was fortunate to be able to take my work with me for most of my time away from the UK – as long as I have my trusty laptop, smartphone and a good Wi-Fi internet connection, I can pretty much work anywhere. Working from our room in the US was fine; all I needed to do was take the six-hour time difference into account when interviewing people back in the UK for an article I was writing (a piece for on how recent global tax changes may affect business in the Channel Islands – see page 70 of this month’s interactive online magazine for the article), but working in China was a little more tricky – the Wi-Fi in our hotel was rather flaky, and producing even a short piece for PC Advisor magazine reviewing Sage One payroll software was a struggle.  Continue reading